The nature of human resource management

There should be interval or break for rest for at least 30 minutes after five hours continuous work of an employee according to The Factories Act Employee handbooks are often an essential document in agency investigations and employee claims. STAFFING - HR Staffing is one of the key functions of human resource management as staffing is the process of employing right people, providing suitable training and placing them in the right job by paying them accordingly and satisfactorily.

Examples of specific HR policies: Establishing channels of authority and communication is the primary responsibility of any human resource manager which would enable managers to effectively communicate desired goals and objectives of the organisation.

Human resource management

Initially, this project focusses on Presbyterian Healthcare Services and the University of New Mexico Hospital, with the possibility of including other local healthcare systems. HR Analytics is about metrics and measurement.

HRM helps to build a bridge between employees at every level right from lower level to top level employees.

Principle of dignity of labour — to treat every job holder with dignity and respect. Training Employees To Stay: Workers participation in the management The article 43a of the Constitution of India, guarantees participation of workers in management of industries.

But this method is not so effective due to the dual responsibilities on the welfare officers were basically appointed to deal with welfare measures and their applications in the industry.

Benefits are another form of compensation to employees other than direct pay for work performed. In order to change the role of HR in an organization, the HR leader will need to work both within the HR group and with the organizational leaders to reshape everyone's expectations of what HR can and will deliver.

Is called business development head. Portray the organization structure demonstrating the various departments, the people involved and their respective designation. The Shift From Collectivism to Individualism The advent of outsourcing and the work-from-home conceptand the increased reliance on profitability more than any other factor when making decisions, has heralded a shift from treating the workforce on a collective basis to considering each employee individually.

Such woman employee can apply maternity leave just eight weeks before the date of are expected delivery. It permeates all levels of management in an organisation. Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection: The human resource management approach remains impatient with rules and regulations.

Personnel management is a predominantly administrative record-keeping function that aims to establish and maintain equitable terms and conditions of employment.

Notes on Human Resource Management (HRM): Meaning and Nature

While quality preparation of metrics is important, the real value is in the analysis and interpretation. It is a continuous process.

The concept of HRM is applicable to every organization and it is not restricted only to certain type of organization.

Inform the financial benefits and different taxation policies offered. It is present in every organization immaterial of the fact that the organization is a government or private, Manufacturing or service, small scale or large scale, IT or auto mobile etc.

Delegating authority to employees makes them to be more responsible towards organisation as there is a principle called authority equals to responsibility,vice versa when you load an employee with responsibilities, he should be given authority so as to fulfill the responsibilities casted upon employee.

Trainers who is responsible for imparting required skills for performing job and updating new skills and knowledge for perfection and error free. It reduces the gap between the employees and aids them to integrate at a best possible way.

It tries to put people on assigned job in order to produce goods results. HRM is directed towards achievement of organisational objectives by providing tools and techniques of managing people in the organisation effectively. The primary objective of HR audit is to annihilate management risk of contravention with the laws, liability exposure, identifying and correcting risk gaps, litigation avoidance, cost avoidance and enhancement of human resource best practices.

The scope of personnel management includes functional activities such as manpower planning, recruitment, job analysis, job evaluation, payroll administration, performance appraisals, labor law compliancetraining administration, and related tasks.

According to the recent Supreme Court judgment in Section of Indian Penal CodeLGBTQ lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender queer shall not be shown discrimination or derogate them in any manner.

The justification for such a move are the challenges poised by globalization and a free-market economy along with the realization that protectionism created bloated companies that are unable to compete at a global level.

Developing rules and procedures which has to be followed by the employees in order to avoid any sort of discrimination among the employees in any of their functions, to enable fair and transparent treatment among employees, to avoid conflict starting from recruitment to the separation of employees, inculcate discipline among the employees, to drive performance of employees and ultimately to avoid conflict and contravenes with statutes and employment laws of the land, ultimately for smooth running of the organization.

Principle of scientific selection — to select the right person for the right job. The equality act, of the United Kingdom prohibits discrimination and mandates equal treatment in matters of employment as well as private and public services irrespective of race, age, sex, religion or disability.

Application of formulas for measuring and calculating core HR issues so as to draw exact HR results and current scenario of organisation.

Nature of Human Resource Management

And every action of hrm is directed towards the accomplishment of organizational goal. Some companies are assigning HR employees to specific business units as a way of enabling them to develop a focused relationship with a small part of the business.

Article shared by. After reading this article you will learn about the meaning and nature of Human Resource Management (HRM). Meaning of Human Resource Management: Human resource management deals with management of human resource.

Human Resource Management – Nature, Scope, Objectives and Function (1) Human resources may be defined as the total knowledge, skills, creative abilities, talents and aptitudes of an organization’s workforce, as well as the values, attitudes, approaches and beliefs of the individuals involved in the affairs of the organization.

The history of development of HR management in India is comparatively of recent origin. But Kautilya had dealt with some of the important aspects of human resources management in his “Arthasastra,” written in B.C.

Government in those days adapted the techniques of. The Nature of Work. According to Norman Bodek, every job should be designed to both challenge people and to allow them to have some creative input.

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NATURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT The emergence of human resource management can be attributed to the writings of the human relationists who. Oct 28,  · English for Human Resources VV 43 - HR Management (1) | Business English Vocabulary - Duration: Business English Pod - Learn Business Englishviews.

The nature of human resource management
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